Individual Components and Pedal Assemblies

Billet 4 Calipers

MFBKC01: Billet 4 M14 12mm

MFBKC03: Billet 4 M16 12mm

MFBKC02: Billet 4 M16 22mm

MFBKC04: Billet 4 Princess Hawk 12mm

MFBKC05: Billet 4 310 22mm

MFBKC06: Monster 4 300

Braided Brake Hoses:

Stainless Steel Braided Hoses, these will greatly improve Pedal feel under heavy braking.

Front Hoses (pair): MFBK13

Rear Hose (from chassis to axle): MFBK14

As a set of 3 Hoses (As above): MFBK15

Brake Master Cylinders & Pedal Assemblies:

There are many variations of different Master Cylinders used over the years. We believe in upgrading and improving where possible.

Master Cylinders, Road

The recommended system is a Dual Circuit Master Cylinder.

The nice conversion is the late type, post ’92 combined Master Cylinder and Servo assembly. Not difficult to fit to the earlier cars. But if you do not like the Servo’s then our Duel Master Cylinders Conversion may be suitable.

Master Cylinders, Track & Competition

Competition rules dictate that dual circuit is compulsory.

All Race Cars must have Dual Circuit.

The ideal is to fit two separate master cylinders.

One for the Front Circuit, and one for the Rear.

Then you can have adjustability to vary the braking effort from front to rear for different track and weather conditions.

We CNC machine Aluminium Mounting Blocks to carry the separate Master Cylinders, and Stock Master Cylinders and Fluid Reservoirs to suit.

  • Master Cylinder Mounting Blocks
  • Triple Cylinder Block TBA
  • Double Cylinder Block
  • Master Cylinders (0.625″, 0.7″ or 0.752)

Brake Pedals

These must be modified to accept the balance bar.

We can supply separate components or modify:

  • Complete Pedals on an exchange basis
  • Brake Balance Bars as a kit
  • Cable adjusters for dashboard


Brakes Brakes


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