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Mulfab undertake bespoke automotive and race engineering projects. Please contact us to discuss your fabrication requirements.

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Roadster V6 Track Sump

Exactly the same preparation as the road sumps.

The front section is filled in with a fabricated aluminium box to greatly increase the capacity.

As used on the Roadster Lightweights racing in the Morgan Challenge series

Retains standard pick up pipe

Sold on an exchange basis


Product options:

Developed for the Roadster challenge series.

For extra oil control we have a special baffle plate, which has a much better profile around the sump casting which slows the surge under severe cornering.

With diverter vanes to help the oil flow towards the pick up pipe. This is extra



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Roadster V6 Road sump

Modified to give an additional 20mm of ground clearance.

Usually sufficient for most applications.

That makes the gearbox crossmember and the bellhousing the lowest parts on your car.

Internally, the oil pump pick up pipe remains standard.


The sumps are sold on an exchange basis, and we try to keep them in stock for immediate despatch.


Even if your sump is damaged, no matter how badly, it is usually repairable. This might incur a small surcharge for the extra time.

New sump castings used to be about £140.00, however Ford have recently increased the price dramatically( to over £250.00) and they are to special order only, so may take many weeks to arrive, so it is worth having the old sump repaired.






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