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Rearhub puller in use
Porta power kit

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Rear Hub Puller

10 tonne hydraulic pump and ram with adaptors for 5 stud and wire wheel hubs.

Does not damage the axle threads as do other impact type pullers

Now comes complete with an entire "porta power" kit making it even better value




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Kingpin bush removal

Holding mandrel and a set of rams makes light work of pressing out the old bushes with a workshop press.



Wire wheel nut spanner

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Wire Wheel Nut Spanner

For easy tightening and loosening the centre wheel nuts on cars fitted with wire wheels

Cranked to clear even the deep dish stainless wire wheels




Hub Nut tool

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Rear Hub Nut tool

Allows the hub to be held whilst the halfshaft nut is loosened or tightened up and correctly torqued

Universal fitting for 4 stud, 5 stud, and Wire wheel cars

Very solid steel construction




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