Keith Ahlers SLR radiator
John Emberson SLR radiator
+4 TR Radiator

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+4 TR engine Radiators, up to 1968

We do not get involved with original radiators for the Flat Rad.

If you are not a purist, and practicality is more important than originality, then we have built a separate radiator inside the shell.


Post 1954 cowl cars.            There are a lot of variations.

High line and Low line

Differences by 1.1/2” in side mount heights

Early car had tie bar top brackets to the toolbox or bulkhead

Late cars had steady bracket to the inner wings

Temperature senders of either 5/8 unf or 3/8 bsp

Then either male or female temperature sender threads

Or sometimes, none at all.


The original Plus 4 supersports, with curved top tank

65mm thick and special 3 row core, angled 15 degrees        


Or, if you are more conscious about cooling, as opposed to looking original, we have done a lot of conversions using our road radiator. These install very much the same as the original style of supersports. Many of these used in HSCC competition. Very similar to the radiator used in the Roadster,

Including new side mount brackets, rubber bobbins and instructions.


We have also made radiators for two of the three SLRs'


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