Header tank
Supersports header tank
Fitted Header tank
Bespoke Header tank for Aston Martin

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Header Tanks

Bulkhead mounted aluminium tank

As the highest point in the cooling system provides a "head" or reservoir of engine coolant, also allows for filling the engine with coolant with the minimum of air locks.

Morgan TR +4 Supersports type  


Expansion tank

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Expansion Tanks

Bulkhead mounted aluminium tank allows for thermal expansion of engine coolant without loss through overflow pipe




Swirl pot

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Swirl Pots

It is standard racecar practice to use a swirlpot to remove air pockets in the cooling system

If correctly designed and positioned, the swirl pot will "spin" the coolant around inside it

This will cause any air trapped in the coolant to seperate out

Percolation will cause this air to rise in the swirl pot where it it is able to escape through the small vent in the top back to the top of the header tank

Can also be used to put a useful change of direction into the cooling system plumbing



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