Standard axle alignment
With centralising and 19mm lowering kit

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Axle Centralising Kit / Lowering Blocks

Mostly a cosmetic improvement fitted between the leaf spring and the axle.

Using a CNC machined block which moves the axle back by 15mm to centralise the rear wheels in the rear wheel arches.

These blocks have a minimum thickness of 9.5mm (3/8").

We also have available from stock the same block in 19mm (3/4"), which will lower the car by the same amount (as supplied to The Morgan Motor Company for use in the Roadster Lightweights).

The 19mm blocks complement our lowered and uprated front springs.

BEFORE image shows fairly typical standard axle alignment.

AFTER image shows car fitted with centralising and 19mm lowering kit.




Product options:

We have the facility and have made blocks in many other thicknesses to further lower the rear of your car.

Please call us with your requirements.


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