Phil Hollins Class A Rear brakes
Britcar 24hr Roadster rear brakes
Keith Ahlers Class A 24hr specification rear brakes including handbrake caliper

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Race rear brakes

Like the heading implies, these conversions are really  for the pure race cars, and as such, unless specifically requested, have no provision for parking brakes.

And, as nearly every car is built a bit different, there are variations.

For our Class B rear disc conversion please see the Rear Brakes page


From practical experience, for a Morgan Challenge Class A specification Plus 8, our normal fitment would be to use 300mm x 22 vented rotors, with the R114-4 rear caliper.

The rear does not really generate the heat to require anything larger.

As used on the Richard Thorne Lightweight GT car for the Britcar 24hr race.


The race rear kit can be used with an in line hydraulic master cylinder if a parking brake is required, or a separate cable SVA mechanical handbrake caliper


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