Class B front Brakes
Britcar 24hr Roadster 330mm discs
Class A Front Brakes

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Race Front Brakes

For the competition based cars, where the ultimate is required, we can advise accordingly.

The limiting factor is based on two parameters, namely.

Wheel size and grip.


The calipers are very similar to our road calipers, but as they are designed for heavy duty use, the pistons are thin wall stainless steel, which are better suited to the heat of competition.

They do not have the piston dust seals, so cannot be regarded as maintenance free.


Our most popular race kit  is known as the Class B kit. These are regulation sized for the Morgan Challenge series.

Using a 300mm x 32mm rotor, which has internal curved cooling vanes, and excellent heat rejection. 

The calipers are the R132-4. 

Awesome and reliable stopping power

These rotors are grooved as standard. The kit with all mounting hardware, and aeroquip hoses, £956.00.


Then, the unlimited classes.

Our unlimited Class A cars have a 16” front wheel diameter.

Our  conversion is to use rotors of 315mm x 32mm thick for the heat dissipation and the 6 piston calipers.

We have found that is the practical maximum with the front suspension, as tyre grip is then the limiting factor in stopping.


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