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Rear Disc Kit

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Rear Brakes

We are often asked what can be done to improve the rear brakes, and enquiries about the rear disc conversion.

In our honest opinion, for everyday driving under normal road conditions, the rear drums are perfectly adequate. We have to use them in production racing and the historic classes of Motorsport.  These disciplines stress them to the limit,

We have used them in 24 hour racing, and apart from having to change the linings several times during the race, there was little loss of braking effort.

They just need more maintenance. Even more so in competition.  Which is where the disc conversion has the advantage.


Our only upgrade for rear drums will be finned aluminium cooling ring, which will be a shrink fit onto the existing drum. This will be a cost effective alternative to the aluminium drums, and will certainly have the ‘wow’ factor.   Even more so when visible through a wire wheel

                                                                                              Under development.


For the occasional track outing, the standard drums will cope, but be advised that with repeated heavy use, there is a very good chance of overheating the standard rear friction linings. They might disintegrate into dust.

With the historic and production racing classes we have to use a competition friction lining, this holds up well under the loads imposed on it- however from cold they are not so effective so we do not advise them for road use. 

Then we advise the disc conversion. 

The standard rear drum has a diameter of 9” (225mm).  Our rear conversions have a rotor (disc) diameter of 10.3/4” (274mm)

This was developed over 10 years ago and is now the standard fitment in Class B of the Morgan Challenge race series and also used by the Morgan Motor company on the "Baby Doll" cars.

Many have been used on road cars with total satisfaction, and even using standard road pads, will cope with track days and sprinting.

We use the same caliper originally designed for the Sierra Cosworth. Reliable and durable.  And, for the competition application, there is a vast choice of different pad materials available. 

The complete rear conversion, with all the necessary parts,

Alloy wheel cars         £697.00                     

Wire wheel cars,        £697.00

Product options:


Rotors are supplied plain, cross drilled for road cars surcharge      £54.00

Track or competition we recommend grooved rotors, surcharge      £54.00


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