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+8 Radiators 1968-72

Where originality is not as important as cooling efficiency, for normal road use we recommend our standard 42mm replacement.

25% larger surface area than original, direct fitment.

These have been tried and proven, and have no issues  

Includes new thermostat, and necessary plumbing and hose clips   


Product options:

We strongly advise that if the original Wood Jeffries fan is still in use, it should be replaced.

We can supply a new heavy duty 14” (350mm) fan, installed on the radiator with an electric switch   

Designed to be used with the original filler in the top hose.

We have found if this were used, we would recommend a separate recovery or expansion tank should be installed.

Bulkhead mounted expansion tank 


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+8 Radiators 1972 to 2004

With a surface area some 25% larger than standard, our regular single row 42mm direct replacement work very well.

These have been fitted to competition cars in the challenge series, and also used on the late 4.6 litre injection Plus 8.

These are our most popular, and have only a few small differences between the various models.    

Supplied with brackets to suit the original fan, screw in fan switch as standard, all hose joins, clips and a thermostat kit.

1973 onwards, with filler cap on the radiator                           

Product options:

Up to about 1976, the standard fan was the Wood Jeffries, clamped direct to the top crosshead tube.

These are best replaced, as they are not very efficient. And probably so old as to be worn out.

Up to about 1998, the standard fan was made by Kenlow. If you are perfectly happy with these, that is fine. We will fit brackets to the radiator to use your existing fan.

The last of the fans used were the Spal. Italian. They work well.

We can fit brackets to use these cooling fans again.

If in doubt, a fan is a small investment extra.

Standard fans were 12” (300mm), we always use a 14”(350mm).

 If required, new fan supplied and fitted to the radiator,

As illustrated,                                                                             



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