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+4 Duratec 2005-2008

With this new engine, the original late style Plus 8 radiator was used, the same as used in the ‘04 to ‘08 Roadster. 

They appear to have sufficient cooling capacity when used with the standard engines.

There is no need to change this radiator as it works well for road use, even with mildly modified engines.

The only downside is it weighs 8.5 Kg.           Ours weigh 4.0 Kg.

Direct replacement, using the original Spal fan,                  


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+4 Rover M16 and T16 1988-99

Apart from a few very small detail changes, these radiators have virtually identical construction.

Made with a 15% larger surface area core for better cooling efficiency.  Direct replacement for standard.

With mountings for the original Kenlow fan.

New screw in fan switch supplied with radiator.                      

Product options:

The original standard cooling fan, made by Kenlow is 12” (300mm).

If your existing fan is tired and suspect, we can supply a larger and more powerful fan, 14” (350mm) fitted to radiator                   £98.00


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+4 Duratec 2008 on

The Morgan Factory  now uses the same radiator in all of their  traditional model range.

Used on the current 4/4 models,  they work very well, only having to cool 115hp.

We use  exactly the same radiator core as our Roadster and +8 Radiators

This now makes it about 40% larger than the standard factory radiator.

The crosshead is already pre drilled for the earlier type radiator side mounts.

We supply a kit to convert to the earlier and proven cooling system.

Re uses the original fan

New radiator, side brackets, rubber mounts, all bolts, and a new inner wing stay with the top mounting tag for the radiator


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