Front Springs

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Uprated Springs

There is a range of springs to suit different uses. Available from stock.
Note the ride heights are stated when used with the bearing kits. These can be used with damper blades but will lower the car by 1". ( Or 25mm)
115 lb. The original 4/4 spring, Standard ride height only.
(Current 4/4 uses 95lb) and used on the last of the Plus 8 and also Roadster.  
Normally we only use this with the 4/4, as most drivers complain the car rolls too much with these fitted to the Roadster and Plus 8.
140 lb. The original Plus 8 and  Plus 4 spring. Available in standard ride height or 1" lower. This is our spring of choice for a road driven Plus 8, Plus 4 or Roadster. It is the standard spring we supply.
180 lb. Fast road spring. Available in standard ride height or 1" lower. Can be used as a road spring but have to accept a slightly firmer ride. Ideal for those who like to drive hard and occasional track days.
220 lb. Only in 1" lowered ride height. Race spring as used in the production modified class.


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